MonsterHearts - Reaching into the Abyss

Paradise Lost

After thinking he killed Adam, Peter runs into the woods and lives there for a week morning his father. He heads back into town and runs into Mike and the two chat which convinces Adam to return to school.

Dominic gets back from the hospital and asks Liza out again. She was turned on by Dominic’s fight and agrees.

Peter heads in and sees Adam. They avoid each other. Alice confronts Peter angry at him for not contacting her during his week absence. He tells her that his father died and she becomes sympathetic. Mike also talks to Peter and asks him to meet him after school.

Peter and Adam notice that two students, Jennifer Park and Craig Wilson and acting strangely. Peter tries to get a closer look but Jenny signals to Craig pointing at Peter. Adam analyzes them and realizes they a vampires. Adam talks with Peter about the vampires and getting his help to confront Dr. Harrison says Peter can hurt him.

During lunch Alison and Peter have sucks in a secret nook. They see Craig is watching them and Peter tries to scare him off. Craig says he will only leave if he meets him after school.

Nishma talks to Adam and tries to convince him to not go. Adam asks her to not tell anyone but she is worried that he will hurt himself and others. Adam then says that if she tells anyone he will hurt Suresh. NIshma agrees but runs off crying.

Peter meets with Mike after school who tries to convince him to take angeldust. Peter says no but Mike is insistant. Peter agrees to take it on the weekend. Craig, Chet, Sid and Jessica surround him. They tell Peter he has become a threat. Peter laughs and almost takes out Sid but the others vamps rip into him leaving him for dead. Adam finds him barely alive and takes him to Suresh for help.

Liza and Dominic take her car out to a pizza place than back to Dominic’s motel. When they head in Tyler is there and tells him that the bar brawl is taken care of and they have a new target for him. Dominic tells him to text him the information and he’ll take care of it. He has sex with Liza. After he gets text from Tyler saying he has to take out Mr Helsing. He also gets a text from Adam saying Peter is almost dead and to meet at Suresh’s. He has Liza drop him off at Suresh’s.

Suresh helps Peter. Adam and Dominic discuss what happened and Dominic decides to head home. He texts Mr Helsing about vampire hunting and gets a reply saying to meet him after class.

Adam apologizes to NIshma and says he never wanted to hurt Suresh. They start to make out when both feel a powerful shock and pass out.

The next morning Peter wakes up feeling fine having regenerated. Suresh makes breakfast for him and Nishma. Nishma tells him what happend to her and Adam and there is no sign of Adam. Peter tells NIshma about vampires and that he is a werewolf.

At class Adam wakes up and discovers he was bit by something in the leg. He doesn’t remember the night before. Craig and Jenny look surprised to see Peter alive.

After class Mr Helsing asks to see Dominic. They discuss The Turning and Helsing confirms it is happening. He says the only way to stop it is to find the original vampire gang.

Dominic doesn’t believe that Helsing is a legitimate target and texts Tyler asking why he is to be hunted. The text back says Helsing wasn’t hunting vampires but other Chosen.

Nishma breaks into a private bathroom and discuss with Adam what happened to him. They start to make out when the door open and Jenny and Sid ask Adam if he helped Peter the night before. Sid tries to grab Nishma but Adam breaks his arm. NIshma runs off as Jenny jumps on Adam’s back and sinks her fangs into him but Adam puts her through the wall. Sid comes at him, fangs bared and Adam puts his fist through his face. As Adam leaves he sees Mr Helsing put closed for maintenance tape on the bathroom.

Peter tries to track down Jenny and manages to catch her scent. He tracks her outside and find Alice had been fed on by her.

Dominic tries to reach out to the Abyss to find the head vampires and suddenly has the sense that Helsing is put evil. He can’t help himself and goes after him. They find him in the parking lot and Dominic runs him through with his sword. Peter grabs him and Adam puts himself in the way. Helsing coughs up blood but is able to patch himself up with an emergency medical pack. Dominic says he doesn’t know what is wrong with himself and runs away. Helsing says he was going to try to track down the vampire pack but he can’t in his condition and it is up to them. He also tells them to watch Dominic as he can’t be trusted.

Dominic runs to Liza who is in class. The teacher and Liza tell him to leave and he just cries in the hall. When class lets out Dominic asks to speak to Liza but she just says he is pathetic and leaves.

Adam returns to the goverment building and demands to speak with the doctors. Security lets him in and he speaks with Dr Letts about helping them track down the vampire pack. Letts tells him she can’t because the MIB wants The Turning to happen so they can study it in order to prevent it in the future. She also reveals that Eva took him over and the two went to the school to stop vampire hunters from taking out the vampire pack. Adam is angry but Letts says she didn’t want any of that to happen and they are under control of the MIB, all she cares about is the well being of the hollows.

Adam heads to Suresh to see if there is a way he can prevent the MIB from taking control of him. Suresh says the best he can do is install a kill switch which will shut Adam off. Adam agrees to have it off.

Picking up the Ashes

- Robin runs into Celene who tries to find out what happened to Lucian. Robin tells her she doesn’t know and Celene agrees to leave her alone but will make the town suffer.

- Robin runs into Thiel in the library who comforts here. She forms a crush for him and starts to forget about Lucian.

- Adam briefly wakes up on a operating table and hears two scientist talking about how badly he is damaged and that Eva brought him in. They say they will need a new power source and have to deal with Raphael.

- Dominic meets with Thiel and has him summon Raphael. He found that the fight with Alana was unfair and that her supernatual strength was gone during the fight. He demands to find out why but Raphael tries to find out who Dominic serves. Dominic insists he only serves himself but Raphael tries to prove otherwise. Dominic attacks Raphael pulling him out the window. Thiel holds Dominic back saying they will not fight in his house.

The next day Thiel has forgotten the past week and finds himself heading to class. He doesn’t remember anything about Robin or Dominic.

Adam suddenly finds himself in class not knowing how he got there.

- Dominic hits on Liza and they decide to go on a date. Dominic gets the two of them in a bar but senses a vampire. He stabs the guy but he turns out not to be a vamp. The police a called and Dominic gets beat up by security. He finds himself in the hospital and Tyler lets him know he has things taken care of for the fight.

- At a football game Robin notices a number of students who don’t move. She sees one student leave and another follow her. The stalker lures the student away and feeds on her changing her into a vampire. When they return the student doesn’t seem to move.

- Mike and Jackson reveal to Thiel that they are still taking the drug which they now call Angeldust. Thiel finds out that it has the essence of heaven.

- Adam heads to Suresh to have himself destroyed but Suresh refuses. Adam then tries to head to the MIB government building but Nishma insists on going and handcuffs herself to Adam. Adam returns to the government building where he was held and speaks with Dr. Harrison that worked on him. Adam finds he cannot harm his creators and they tell him to return to his life.

Bring the Pain

It has been four days since the evening with the party. Lucian and Thiel have disappeared. Adam and Eva are now sleeping together.

Adam, Peter and Dominic return to school.

The group meets down at the boiler-room to discuss recent issues. Nishma knocks on the door. She reveals that Suresh made her spy on him and that Eva might be in danger. This freaks Adam out and makes him decide to return home to make sure Eva is ok. Nishma asks to see him after 5th period and he agrees. Peter and Dominic go with him to find Eva.

It is raining hard and a river is overflowing blocking their way. They decide to get out but a van pulls up with Joseph and two strange men. They won’t let Adam’s group pass and pull guns. They get into a fight and Peter and his dad fall into a river. Dominic and Adam kill the other two men. Adam crosses the river while Dominic looks for Peter.

Adam finds Eva in the basement and she is fine. She tells Adam that doctor Seresh spotted a strange orb about the size of a golfball near her left shoulder blade. He cut her slightly to get a closer look. Suresh comes down and says he needs to look at Adam but he wants to leave. Suresh sticks him with a syringe and knocks him out.

Dominic finds Peter but not his father. They decide to find Adam and are able to track down to Suresh’s house. Eva meets them at the door but doesn’t want to let them in. They convince her but she is hesitant and wants to leave. Dominic sees she has the pendant that Alana gave to Adam to find her. They use it and find she is back at the school.

Adam wakes up and finds his back splayed open and his arm removed. He demands Suresh put him back together but he just injects him again.

Dominic and Peter find their way into the basement and find Adam. They free him and have Suresh put him together. Eva and Suresh said they had to trick to find out how the MiBs managed to get the hollows to work. They think Adam is special and needed to get a look at a similar orb that was in his back.

The group leaves back to the school with Eva though she doesn’t want to go saying it is dangerous if Adam and her are together near MiBs. Adam heads to the boiler-room to meet with Nishma and Dominic, Eva and Peter head to class. They look at the registration and see that Alana signed in. The secretary say she dropped off Lana (story got around the school that she went missing). They talk with her and she is acting strange and robotic.

Adam talks with Nishma and she tells him that Suresh and Eva were planning to do something to him. She had gotten to like Adam and didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

Peter and Dominic head to class and Eva heads back to the boiler-room. She tells Adam about Lana’s return. They head back out and searches for Alana again; she is in a grave yard.

Joseph is there and tries to get Peter to bring in Adam and Eva. Peter agrees only if he gives him his gun which Joseph does. Peter talks to Adam and Eva but don’t come out. Peter tries to tell his father but Joseph goes crazy telling Peter what a pathetic son he is. They start to fight. Dominic decides his true enemy is Alana and decides to get her. Adam picks up the gun and shoots Joseph in the back of the head killing him. Peter goes ballistic and tears Adam up.

Dominic shows up at the grave yard and finds Alana waiting for him. They fight and Dominic is able to easily kill her. As he stands over her body he hears Raphael slowly clapping from top a mausoleum.

A Fine Line

Early Saturday morning Peter leaves and apologizes to Dominic. Dominic talks to Adam Jones about Alana (Chosen Raph) and setting up a meeting with her.

Dominic talks to Eva about their histories a bit and why Dominic is here. Tells Eva she can tag along on meeting with Alana.

Raphael speaks with Thiel about committing or leaving. Thiel rebuffs him and Rapheal threatens him with using his crush, Alice against him. Theil says he will do what he needs to do. Raphael tells him he will not bother him anymore

Robin notices strange men are following her. The same ones that were following Eva. Robin gets home and has an uncomfortable conversation with Gabe about her being late.

Peter lives in run down part of town and his father, Joseph, is at his trailer now. Peter goes home and talks with dad. Remembers Alice got punched out. Joseph asks him if he saw Eva at all. Joseph says he got a special deal with the feds in jail. He was supposed to serve 5 more years. Peter tries to find out what his dad is up to and fails. His father says that he may need his help and the feds are concerned about him too and says he is here for his son. Joseph asks him to promise him to help him track down Eva. Peters dad admits he is a werewolf. Peter says he will help him track Eva and also other creepy girls.

Robin heads to work.

Mike and Jackson show up to Thiel apartment. They convince him to hang out and party.

Lana shows up and talks to Adam. She says that she is ver “hungry”. Dominic said she is a vampire and tries to find her bite mark, she punches him and Adam tries to stop them. She attacks Dominic but he stakes her and immobilizes her and then take serrated glaive to cut her head off. Dominic gazes into the abyss and sees Alana. He says screw this and realizes he wants to kill Alana not this girl. He jumps in his car and drives off to the trailer park with Eva and Raphael and the agents she is surrounded with.

Adam holds Lana who is covered in blood and staked. Adam takes her to Eva. Eva freaks out but Adam explains what happened. Eva calls Robin at work and tells her to come help and bring coffee. Then Mike, Jackson and Theil head into strabucks. They try to get Robin to ditch work but she stays and Thiel stays with her. Robin tries to find out about Thiel’s story but he refuses to tell her. She slaps him. Then they leave.

Adam receives a signal to bring in Eva. He rufuses.

Dominic and Peter go to get pigs blood he tells him that he stabbed Lana and she is a vampire.

Peters dad talks to a Alana and peter sees him talk to her and some suits. The constantly refer to runaways. Their are two now. Alana makes a reference to peter.

Dominic appears at trailer park with glaive in hand. Two suits grab him and hold him. Peter is confused. As peter was gonna run off to intercede his dad grabs him.

Dominic punches Alana , Peter intercedes and growls at everyone to get out. Alana punches Dominic , Dominic punches Alana, Peter tries to diffuse situation and succeeds. Peter and Dominic form a bond and become friends. Peters dad smacks him down and threatens him.

Adam removes the stake and Lana takes off. Adam goes after her. and they see men in black guys. He realizes he can’t give away location and Lana bites one of them and kills him and they taze her and chop her had off; she is dead. They clean up the scene as if nothing happened. Robin, Thiel and Adam see it happen. Thiel, Adam and Robin return to the boiler room and discuss who the MIB are. Robin and Eva get into it. Robin asks her to tell her the truth. Eva reveals that she and Adam are hollows. Eva asks for help to find a place to hide. Peter and Dominic arrive and they ll discuss why the MIB are here.

Adam gazes into the abyss and sees a man with what looks like doll body parts around him. Adam can feel the pull to the man’s house. Adam and Eva leave to the doll man’s house in Dominics car.

The football team shows up the rest talk to them. Celine shows up and Dominic stakes her and the football players take Dominic down. The football team tells Thielf to kill Dominic and Theil tries to refuse. Peter tries to intervene. Mike breaks Dominic’s leg and Celine gets destaked. Peter gives Celine pigs blood but she refuses. Mike trys to ask Robin to go with him and she turns him down and then he asks Thiel and Peter to go with him. Theil tells Robin to deal with Dominic.

Adam and Eva reach the house on the hill and talks to Nishma. Seresh, the man Adam saw in his vision, comes to the door and lets them in. Adam tells him that the MIB are after them and needs a safe place. Seresh lets them stay.

Peter and Theil go with the football team to the lake and party. Alice tells Thiel to do what Raphael says to do or else and Alice throws herself into the fire. Peter and Theil pull her out. Thiel contacts heaven and Rapheal appears. Theil throws a punches but Raphael catches it. They get into a verbal argument and the two of them taunt each other. And then Rapheal walks away.

Alice is attracted to Peter because he helps her with her wounds. He begins making out with her and creates a connection with Alice.

Dominic wakes up in the hospital.

Homecoming: Parts 1 and 2

Day Before Homecoming

- Mike tried to bully Peter. Adam breaks Mike’s jaw with superhuman strength.

- Adam has vision’s of a military outfit the gives him orders to seek out someone like him. His first target is Yoanna.

- Thiel gets a visit from Raphael who tells him he needs to recruit Adam, a creature that is a shell, to join the forces of God. Thiel talks to Adam he agrees if he has time.

- Lucian feeds on Robin in the Starbucks bathroom. Eva, her coworker call the paramedics take her to the hospital. When she recovers she sees she is next to Mike. Her mother, Teresa shows up a scolds her. She says Robin is grounded unless she is nice to her new boyfriend Gabe who gives Robin dirty looks. Robin agree reluctantly.

Thiel asks Alice to homecoming. She says she will only if Thiel brings back a wolf-pelt of Peter’s. Later Peter asks her to Homecoming and she agrees.

Adam asks Lana out and she agree.

Lucian thinks he sees Celine, a vampire from his past in the hall ways.

Day of Homecoming

- Peter gets a call from his dad, Joseph, who just got out of prison. He later meets up with him and tells Peter that he needs his help tracking down someone for the government. He suspects Robin is the one he is looking for.

- Robin and Lucian get into a fight and she slaps him.

- Dominic a new student is introduced to the class. He has a vision of Alana in this town talking to Thiel but ready to stab him with a ritual dagger. Shaken up by this he goes to the bathroom. He thinks he sees Alana in the mirror and spins around with a serrated knife but it is Jackson, a football player. He freaks out and accidentally cuts himself on the knife. Lucian walks in and tells Dominic he will handle it. Lucian tries to feed on Jackson but Dominic notices. Teachers spots them both and get everyone back to their classroom.

- Lucian asks Liza out to a jazz club and she agrees to spite Robin. Robin over hears and becomes jealous but convinces Lucian to take her too and to do something special after without Liza. Dominic over hears all this.

- As they are leaving the classroom Lucian tips off Mr Helsing that Dominic has weapons. Mr. Helsing questions Dominic but when he see the symbol of the Chosen he lets him go.

- Thiel asks help from God and gets a vision of Dominic hunting Alana.

- Peter visits Jackson in the nurses office. Coach is upset that he’ll have to pull another player from the game. Peter tries to question and bond with him but Jackson gets upset and threatens Peter. Peter later find Dominic and they also get into a pissing match.

- Robin gets a call from Eva who is freaked out and asks if she can cover for her at work. Robin says she can’t and Eva hangs up. Robin calls he back and ask what is wrong. Eva tells her that weird people are following her and she needs protection. Robin agrees and tells Eva to meet at her place.

On her way home Robin runs into a woman wearing cheerleader clothing to small for her. She says she is Celine and intimidates Robin. She tells Robin to give Lucian a message that she is looking for him and he better show himself else there will be a turning. When Robin gets home her and Eva head up to her room. Gabe greets them and is creepy. Robin notices that Eva has a weird stain on her Starbucks uniform. Eva lies about it and easily tears it up throwing the uniform out the window. Lucian shows up and picks up the girls. Gabe tries to molest Liza.

- Thiel runs onto the field and notices Alana on the side lines. Adam also notices her and approaches her. Adam recognizes her from his visions of the government people. He asks Alana what he is meant to do she she tells him to kill Dominic. He wants to know why and she says bring Dominic to me and she will reveal why. Alana then gives him her pendant to contact her in the future (see pendant move).

- Dominic is at the jazz club in Boston knowing that Lucian plans to be there. He waits until the girls leave and questions Lucian. Later the group agrees to go to the Homecoming dance.

- Thiel sees Peter making out with Alice causing him to fumble the ball. He is pulled from the game. Thiel then talks to Alana and tells him she is doing Raphael’s work. As Thiel presses for more information Jackson, now healed knocks another player 10 yards back. The players almost dies and the game is cancelled.

- Homecoming dance goes on and everyone is upset about the game. As Peter and Alice dance Thiel comes up to punches Peter outraged about them making out and the fumble but he accidentally hits Alice knocking her cold. Peter unleaches his claws and rips into Thiel. Thiel unsheathes a sword and stabs Peter. Peter looses control and completely converts into a wolf. Dominic walks in and shoots the wolf with his crossbow. Adam makes sure Lana is safe, tears off a railing and knocks Peter out. Lucian and the girls walk in and Eva tells Robin that one of the guys stalking her early is outside.

Adam finds Lana in the girls bathroom where she is pale. Paramedics on the scene say she lost a lot of blood. Thiel asks for guidance to help Alice but Raphael shows up asking for help. He heals Alice.

Everyone heads down to the boiler-room where they tie up Peter. Eva won’t let anyone hurt Peter and walks up to him; he bites her hand and then she is able to calm him. Adam realizes Eva is the one he has been searching for. They leave to talk outside and she tells him he doesn’t have to follow orders. They discuss it and he agrees to no longer follow the government. She asks what Adam wants and he says to truly be a student. They head back downstairs. A man following Eva reports that both Hollows have been spotted.


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