MonsterHearts - Reaching into the Abyss

A Fine Line

Early Saturday morning Peter leaves and apologizes to Dominic. Dominic talks to Adam Jones about Alana (Chosen Raph) and setting up a meeting with her.

Dominic talks to Eva about their histories a bit and why Dominic is here. Tells Eva she can tag along on meeting with Alana.

Raphael speaks with Thiel about committing or leaving. Thiel rebuffs him and Rapheal threatens him with using his crush, Alice against him. Theil says he will do what he needs to do. Raphael tells him he will not bother him anymore

Robin notices strange men are following her. The same ones that were following Eva. Robin gets home and has an uncomfortable conversation with Gabe about her being late.

Peter lives in run down part of town and his father, Joseph, is at his trailer now. Peter goes home and talks with dad. Remembers Alice got punched out. Joseph asks him if he saw Eva at all. Joseph says he got a special deal with the feds in jail. He was supposed to serve 5 more years. Peter tries to find out what his dad is up to and fails. His father says that he may need his help and the feds are concerned about him too and says he is here for his son. Joseph asks him to promise him to help him track down Eva. Peters dad admits he is a werewolf. Peter says he will help him track Eva and also other creepy girls.

Robin heads to work.

Mike and Jackson show up to Thiel apartment. They convince him to hang out and party.

Lana shows up and talks to Adam. She says that she is ver “hungry”. Dominic said she is a vampire and tries to find her bite mark, she punches him and Adam tries to stop them. She attacks Dominic but he stakes her and immobilizes her and then take serrated glaive to cut her head off. Dominic gazes into the abyss and sees Alana. He says screw this and realizes he wants to kill Alana not this girl. He jumps in his car and drives off to the trailer park with Eva and Raphael and the agents she is surrounded with.

Adam holds Lana who is covered in blood and staked. Adam takes her to Eva. Eva freaks out but Adam explains what happened. Eva calls Robin at work and tells her to come help and bring coffee. Then Mike, Jackson and Theil head into strabucks. They try to get Robin to ditch work but she stays and Thiel stays with her. Robin tries to find out about Thiel’s story but he refuses to tell her. She slaps him. Then they leave.

Adam receives a signal to bring in Eva. He rufuses.

Dominic and Peter go to get pigs blood he tells him that he stabbed Lana and she is a vampire.

Peters dad talks to a Alana and peter sees him talk to her and some suits. The constantly refer to runaways. Their are two now. Alana makes a reference to peter.

Dominic appears at trailer park with glaive in hand. Two suits grab him and hold him. Peter is confused. As peter was gonna run off to intercede his dad grabs him.

Dominic punches Alana , Peter intercedes and growls at everyone to get out. Alana punches Dominic , Dominic punches Alana, Peter tries to diffuse situation and succeeds. Peter and Dominic form a bond and become friends. Peters dad smacks him down and threatens him.

Adam removes the stake and Lana takes off. Adam goes after her. and they see men in black guys. He realizes he can’t give away location and Lana bites one of them and kills him and they taze her and chop her had off; she is dead. They clean up the scene as if nothing happened. Robin, Thiel and Adam see it happen. Thiel, Adam and Robin return to the boiler room and discuss who the MIB are. Robin and Eva get into it. Robin asks her to tell her the truth. Eva reveals that she and Adam are hollows. Eva asks for help to find a place to hide. Peter and Dominic arrive and they ll discuss why the MIB are here.

Adam gazes into the abyss and sees a man with what looks like doll body parts around him. Adam can feel the pull to the man’s house. Adam and Eva leave to the doll man’s house in Dominics car.

The football team shows up the rest talk to them. Celine shows up and Dominic stakes her and the football players take Dominic down. The football team tells Thielf to kill Dominic and Theil tries to refuse. Peter tries to intervene. Mike breaks Dominic’s leg and Celine gets destaked. Peter gives Celine pigs blood but she refuses. Mike trys to ask Robin to go with him and she turns him down and then he asks Thiel and Peter to go with him. Theil tells Robin to deal with Dominic.

Adam and Eva reach the house on the hill and talks to Nishma. Seresh, the man Adam saw in his vision, comes to the door and lets them in. Adam tells him that the MIB are after them and needs a safe place. Seresh lets them stay.

Peter and Theil go with the football team to the lake and party. Alice tells Thiel to do what Raphael says to do or else and Alice throws herself into the fire. Peter and Theil pull her out. Thiel contacts heaven and Rapheal appears. Theil throws a punches but Raphael catches it. They get into a verbal argument and the two of them taunt each other. And then Rapheal walks away.

Alice is attracted to Peter because he helps her with her wounds. He begins making out with her and creates a connection with Alice.

Dominic wakes up in the hospital.



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