MonsterHearts - Reaching into the Abyss

Homecoming: Parts 1 and 2

Day Before Homecoming

- Mike tried to bully Peter. Adam breaks Mike’s jaw with superhuman strength.

- Adam has vision’s of a military outfit the gives him orders to seek out someone like him. His first target is Yoanna.

- Thiel gets a visit from Raphael who tells him he needs to recruit Adam, a creature that is a shell, to join the forces of God. Thiel talks to Adam he agrees if he has time.

- Lucian feeds on Robin in the Starbucks bathroom. Eva, her coworker call the paramedics take her to the hospital. When she recovers she sees she is next to Mike. Her mother, Teresa shows up a scolds her. She says Robin is grounded unless she is nice to her new boyfriend Gabe who gives Robin dirty looks. Robin agree reluctantly.

Thiel asks Alice to homecoming. She says she will only if Thiel brings back a wolf-pelt of Peter’s. Later Peter asks her to Homecoming and she agrees.

Adam asks Lana out and she agree.

Lucian thinks he sees Celine, a vampire from his past in the hall ways.

Day of Homecoming

- Peter gets a call from his dad, Joseph, who just got out of prison. He later meets up with him and tells Peter that he needs his help tracking down someone for the government. He suspects Robin is the one he is looking for.

- Robin and Lucian get into a fight and she slaps him.

- Dominic a new student is introduced to the class. He has a vision of Alana in this town talking to Thiel but ready to stab him with a ritual dagger. Shaken up by this he goes to the bathroom. He thinks he sees Alana in the mirror and spins around with a serrated knife but it is Jackson, a football player. He freaks out and accidentally cuts himself on the knife. Lucian walks in and tells Dominic he will handle it. Lucian tries to feed on Jackson but Dominic notices. Teachers spots them both and get everyone back to their classroom.

- Lucian asks Liza out to a jazz club and she agrees to spite Robin. Robin over hears and becomes jealous but convinces Lucian to take her too and to do something special after without Liza. Dominic over hears all this.

- As they are leaving the classroom Lucian tips off Mr Helsing that Dominic has weapons. Mr. Helsing questions Dominic but when he see the symbol of the Chosen he lets him go.

- Thiel asks help from God and gets a vision of Dominic hunting Alana.

- Peter visits Jackson in the nurses office. Coach is upset that he’ll have to pull another player from the game. Peter tries to question and bond with him but Jackson gets upset and threatens Peter. Peter later find Dominic and they also get into a pissing match.

- Robin gets a call from Eva who is freaked out and asks if she can cover for her at work. Robin says she can’t and Eva hangs up. Robin calls he back and ask what is wrong. Eva tells her that weird people are following her and she needs protection. Robin agrees and tells Eva to meet at her place.

On her way home Robin runs into a woman wearing cheerleader clothing to small for her. She says she is Celine and intimidates Robin. She tells Robin to give Lucian a message that she is looking for him and he better show himself else there will be a turning. When Robin gets home her and Eva head up to her room. Gabe greets them and is creepy. Robin notices that Eva has a weird stain on her Starbucks uniform. Eva lies about it and easily tears it up throwing the uniform out the window. Lucian shows up and picks up the girls. Gabe tries to molest Liza.

- Thiel runs onto the field and notices Alana on the side lines. Adam also notices her and approaches her. Adam recognizes her from his visions of the government people. He asks Alana what he is meant to do she she tells him to kill Dominic. He wants to know why and she says bring Dominic to me and she will reveal why. Alana then gives him her pendant to contact her in the future (see pendant move).

- Dominic is at the jazz club in Boston knowing that Lucian plans to be there. He waits until the girls leave and questions Lucian. Later the group agrees to go to the Homecoming dance.

- Thiel sees Peter making out with Alice causing him to fumble the ball. He is pulled from the game. Thiel then talks to Alana and tells him she is doing Raphael’s work. As Thiel presses for more information Jackson, now healed knocks another player 10 yards back. The players almost dies and the game is cancelled.

- Homecoming dance goes on and everyone is upset about the game. As Peter and Alice dance Thiel comes up to punches Peter outraged about them making out and the fumble but he accidentally hits Alice knocking her cold. Peter unleaches his claws and rips into Thiel. Thiel unsheathes a sword and stabs Peter. Peter looses control and completely converts into a wolf. Dominic walks in and shoots the wolf with his crossbow. Adam makes sure Lana is safe, tears off a railing and knocks Peter out. Lucian and the girls walk in and Eva tells Robin that one of the guys stalking her early is outside.

Adam finds Lana in the girls bathroom where she is pale. Paramedics on the scene say she lost a lot of blood. Thiel asks for guidance to help Alice but Raphael shows up asking for help. He heals Alice.

Everyone heads down to the boiler-room where they tie up Peter. Eva won’t let anyone hurt Peter and walks up to him; he bites her hand and then she is able to calm him. Adam realizes Eva is the one he has been searching for. They leave to talk outside and she tells him he doesn’t have to follow orders. They discuss it and he agrees to no longer follow the government. She asks what Adam wants and he says to truly be a student. They head back downstairs. A man following Eva reports that both Hollows have been spotted.



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