MonsterHearts - Reaching into the Abyss

Paradise Lost

After thinking he killed Adam, Peter runs into the woods and lives there for a week morning his father. He heads back into town and runs into Mike and the two chat which convinces Adam to return to school.

Dominic gets back from the hospital and asks Liza out again. She was turned on by Dominic’s fight and agrees.

Peter heads in and sees Adam. They avoid each other. Alice confronts Peter angry at him for not contacting her during his week absence. He tells her that his father died and she becomes sympathetic. Mike also talks to Peter and asks him to meet him after school.

Peter and Adam notice that two students, Jennifer Park and Craig Wilson and acting strangely. Peter tries to get a closer look but Jenny signals to Craig pointing at Peter. Adam analyzes them and realizes they a vampires. Adam talks with Peter about the vampires and getting his help to confront Dr. Harrison says Peter can hurt him.

During lunch Alison and Peter have sucks in a secret nook. They see Craig is watching them and Peter tries to scare him off. Craig says he will only leave if he meets him after school.

Nishma talks to Adam and tries to convince him to not go. Adam asks her to not tell anyone but she is worried that he will hurt himself and others. Adam then says that if she tells anyone he will hurt Suresh. NIshma agrees but runs off crying.

Peter meets with Mike after school who tries to convince him to take angeldust. Peter says no but Mike is insistant. Peter agrees to take it on the weekend. Craig, Chet, Sid and Jessica surround him. They tell Peter he has become a threat. Peter laughs and almost takes out Sid but the others vamps rip into him leaving him for dead. Adam finds him barely alive and takes him to Suresh for help.

Liza and Dominic take her car out to a pizza place than back to Dominic’s motel. When they head in Tyler is there and tells him that the bar brawl is taken care of and they have a new target for him. Dominic tells him to text him the information and he’ll take care of it. He has sex with Liza. After he gets text from Tyler saying he has to take out Mr Helsing. He also gets a text from Adam saying Peter is almost dead and to meet at Suresh’s. He has Liza drop him off at Suresh’s.

Suresh helps Peter. Adam and Dominic discuss what happened and Dominic decides to head home. He texts Mr Helsing about vampire hunting and gets a reply saying to meet him after class.

Adam apologizes to NIshma and says he never wanted to hurt Suresh. They start to make out when both feel a powerful shock and pass out.

The next morning Peter wakes up feeling fine having regenerated. Suresh makes breakfast for him and Nishma. Nishma tells him what happend to her and Adam and there is no sign of Adam. Peter tells NIshma about vampires and that he is a werewolf.

At class Adam wakes up and discovers he was bit by something in the leg. He doesn’t remember the night before. Craig and Jenny look surprised to see Peter alive.

After class Mr Helsing asks to see Dominic. They discuss The Turning and Helsing confirms it is happening. He says the only way to stop it is to find the original vampire gang.

Dominic doesn’t believe that Helsing is a legitimate target and texts Tyler asking why he is to be hunted. The text back says Helsing wasn’t hunting vampires but other Chosen.

Nishma breaks into a private bathroom and discuss with Adam what happened to him. They start to make out when the door open and Jenny and Sid ask Adam if he helped Peter the night before. Sid tries to grab Nishma but Adam breaks his arm. NIshma runs off as Jenny jumps on Adam’s back and sinks her fangs into him but Adam puts her through the wall. Sid comes at him, fangs bared and Adam puts his fist through his face. As Adam leaves he sees Mr Helsing put closed for maintenance tape on the bathroom.

Peter tries to track down Jenny and manages to catch her scent. He tracks her outside and find Alice had been fed on by her.

Dominic tries to reach out to the Abyss to find the head vampires and suddenly has the sense that Helsing is put evil. He can’t help himself and goes after him. They find him in the parking lot and Dominic runs him through with his sword. Peter grabs him and Adam puts himself in the way. Helsing coughs up blood but is able to patch himself up with an emergency medical pack. Dominic says he doesn’t know what is wrong with himself and runs away. Helsing says he was going to try to track down the vampire pack but he can’t in his condition and it is up to them. He also tells them to watch Dominic as he can’t be trusted.

Dominic runs to Liza who is in class. The teacher and Liza tell him to leave and he just cries in the hall. When class lets out Dominic asks to speak to Liza but she just says he is pathetic and leaves.

Adam returns to the goverment building and demands to speak with the doctors. Security lets him in and he speaks with Dr Letts about helping them track down the vampire pack. Letts tells him she can’t because the MIB wants The Turning to happen so they can study it in order to prevent it in the future. She also reveals that Eva took him over and the two went to the school to stop vampire hunters from taking out the vampire pack. Adam is angry but Letts says she didn’t want any of that to happen and they are under control of the MIB, all she cares about is the well being of the hollows.

Adam heads to Suresh to see if there is a way he can prevent the MIB from taking control of him. Suresh says the best he can do is install a kill switch which will shut Adam off. Adam agrees to have it off.



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