MonsterHearts - Reaching into the Abyss

Picking up the Ashes

- Robin runs into Celene who tries to find out what happened to Lucian. Robin tells her she doesn’t know and Celene agrees to leave her alone but will make the town suffer.

- Robin runs into Thiel in the library who comforts here. She forms a crush for him and starts to forget about Lucian.

- Adam briefly wakes up on a operating table and hears two scientist talking about how badly he is damaged and that Eva brought him in. They say they will need a new power source and have to deal with Raphael.

- Dominic meets with Thiel and has him summon Raphael. He found that the fight with Alana was unfair and that her supernatual strength was gone during the fight. He demands to find out why but Raphael tries to find out who Dominic serves. Dominic insists he only serves himself but Raphael tries to prove otherwise. Dominic attacks Raphael pulling him out the window. Thiel holds Dominic back saying they will not fight in his house.

The next day Thiel has forgotten the past week and finds himself heading to class. He doesn’t remember anything about Robin or Dominic.

Adam suddenly finds himself in class not knowing how he got there.

- Dominic hits on Liza and they decide to go on a date. Dominic gets the two of them in a bar but senses a vampire. He stabs the guy but he turns out not to be a vamp. The police a called and Dominic gets beat up by security. He finds himself in the hospital and Tyler lets him know he has things taken care of for the fight.

- At a football game Robin notices a number of students who don’t move. She sees one student leave and another follow her. The stalker lures the student away and feeds on her changing her into a vampire. When they return the student doesn’t seem to move.

- Mike and Jackson reveal to Thiel that they are still taking the drug which they now call Angeldust. Thiel finds out that it has the essence of heaven.

- Adam heads to Suresh to have himself destroyed but Suresh refuses. Adam then tries to head to the MIB government building but Nishma insists on going and handcuffs herself to Adam. Adam returns to the government building where he was held and speaks with Dr. Harrison that worked on him. Adam finds he cannot harm his creators and they tell him to return to his life.



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