MonsterHearts - Reaching into the Abyss

Bring the Pain

It has been four days since the evening with the party. Lucian and Thiel have disappeared. Adam and Eva are now sleeping together.

Adam, Peter and Dominic return to school.

The group meets down at the boiler-room to discuss recent issues. Nishma knocks on the door. She reveals that Suresh made her spy on him and that Eva might be in danger. This freaks Adam out and makes him decide to return home to make sure Eva is ok. Nishma asks to see him after 5th period and he agrees. Peter and Dominic go with him to find Eva.

It is raining hard and a river is overflowing blocking their way. They decide to get out but a van pulls up with Joseph and two strange men. They won’t let Adam’s group pass and pull guns. They get into a fight and Peter and his dad fall into a river. Dominic and Adam kill the other two men. Adam crosses the river while Dominic looks for Peter.

Adam finds Eva in the basement and she is fine. She tells Adam that doctor Seresh spotted a strange orb about the size of a golfball near her left shoulder blade. He cut her slightly to get a closer look. Suresh comes down and says he needs to look at Adam but he wants to leave. Suresh sticks him with a syringe and knocks him out.

Dominic finds Peter but not his father. They decide to find Adam and are able to track down to Suresh’s house. Eva meets them at the door but doesn’t want to let them in. They convince her but she is hesitant and wants to leave. Dominic sees she has the pendant that Alana gave to Adam to find her. They use it and find she is back at the school.

Adam wakes up and finds his back splayed open and his arm removed. He demands Suresh put him back together but he just injects him again.

Dominic and Peter find their way into the basement and find Adam. They free him and have Suresh put him together. Eva and Suresh said they had to trick to find out how the MiBs managed to get the hollows to work. They think Adam is special and needed to get a look at a similar orb that was in his back.

The group leaves back to the school with Eva though she doesn’t want to go saying it is dangerous if Adam and her are together near MiBs. Adam heads to the boiler-room to meet with Nishma and Dominic, Eva and Peter head to class. They look at the registration and see that Alana signed in. The secretary say she dropped off Lana (story got around the school that she went missing). They talk with her and she is acting strange and robotic.

Adam talks with Nishma and she tells him that Suresh and Eva were planning to do something to him. She had gotten to like Adam and didn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

Peter and Dominic head to class and Eva heads back to the boiler-room. She tells Adam about Lana’s return. They head back out and searches for Alana again; she is in a grave yard.

Joseph is there and tries to get Peter to bring in Adam and Eva. Peter agrees only if he gives him his gun which Joseph does. Peter talks to Adam and Eva but don’t come out. Peter tries to tell his father but Joseph goes crazy telling Peter what a pathetic son he is. They start to fight. Dominic decides his true enemy is Alana and decides to get her. Adam picks up the gun and shoots Joseph in the back of the head killing him. Peter goes ballistic and tears Adam up.

Dominic shows up at the grave yard and finds Alana waiting for him. They fight and Dominic is able to easily kill her. As he stands over her body he hears Raphael slowly clapping from top a mausoleum.



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